Quantitative finance

“This programme provides students with a broad and relevant overview of different topics in quantitative finance, and it is very helpful for finding a job in Belgium.”- Jean-François, Alumni 2014
Jean-François, Alumni 2014
“The programme is comprehensive and goes deep in every subject. Consequently it is very demanding. But you are not alone. Teachers are always willing to push you forward and students help each other a lot.”- Céline, Alumni 2014
Céline, Alumni 2014

Financial Markets

“It’s arguably one of the best investments you can make as a young professional to prepare yourself for the financial markets industry.” – Jos, Alumni 2014
Jos, Alumni 2014
“If you want to do a master in financial markets with the best quality of professors and have a great learning experience, you should choose this one.”- Emmanuel, Alumni 2014
Emmanuel, Alumni 2014