Prof. Judith Hardt organized the 4th SFC Annual Conference in Brussels

Prof. Judith Hardt, who co-teaches the Financial Infrastructures course, is the Managing Director of the Swiss Finance Council and she organised one of this year's landmark financial conferences in Europe a couple of weeks ago: the 4th SFC Annual Conference in Brussels. Among the key speakers were Axel Weber, the chairman of UBS, Urs Rohner, Chairman of [...]

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Jean-Michel Paul has recently joined the faculty of our Advanced Master in Financial Markets

We have a new professor in the Advanced Master in Financial Markets:  Jean-Michel PAUL will be teaching the insurance-related part of the course Banking and Insurance (Term 3 of the program).  Dr. Paul is an expert in the insurance business  as CEO of a London-based hedge fund, Acheron Capital Ltd, which focuses in particular on insurance-related assets and also as co-founder of a [...]

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Mario Nava, a Financial Markets professor, is the next Chairman of CONSOB

Mario Nava has been appointed by the Italian Government to be the next Chairman of CONSOB, Italy’s securities markets supervisor. Mario, who is currently Director at the European Commission (FISMA), teaches one of the prominent courses in the Advanced Master in Financial Markets (European Financial Integration and Banking Regulation).  He will continue to teach this [...]

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