Innovation & Strategic Management
It’s a friendly and professional environment with a lot of opportunities for personal development.”- Ben, Alumni 2014
You learn to work with people from different backgrounds, which will prove especially relevant for your future working life.”- Aurélie, Alumni 2014
My perception of the business world, the willingness to start my professional career on the right foot and my own start-up business in the future have changed enormously since I started my Innovation and Strategic Management Master at Solvay.”- Pedro, Alumni 2014

Creativity & Marketing
“A totally unique master in marketing that will expand the boundaries of your creativity and imagination, that will inspire you to be different and that’s so interesting that you will learn with passion. And in the end, you will become a superior creative marketeer!”
– Valentine, Alumni 2014
“This AM is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of marketing and creativity: the environment, the professors, the programme assignments help you to see things from a different perspective.”
– José, Alumni 2014