Advanced Masters students: Not Yet Graduated, Already Hired!

Solvay Advanced Masters students who were not yet graduated, but got already hired. The Solvay Advanced Masters are designed as full-time programs for one academic year for Master students with no or limited professional experience (maximum 3 years). They are geared towards the development of soft skills, guiding students towards a career plan that meets [...]

New testimonial videos from our Innovation & Strategic Management students and alumni

Students and alumni talk about their learning experience at Solvay. Lander, Michelle, Natee, Pierre and Dorian decided to invest one more year in their studies and participate in the Solvay Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management, a practical one-year postgraduate program. Lander, Michelle and Natee, as students of the academic year 2017-2018, said that [...]

European Innovation Tour for our “Innovation & Strategic Management” students

Discover the experience of our students who had the chance to visit top innovation hubs and companies in Paris and Berlin. Within the framework of our Advanced Master in Innovation & Strategic Management, a student trip has been organized earlier this year: the so called European Innovation Tour. Students visited different institutions, companies, hubs, innovation centers, [...]

Finalisation of Basel III

You have heard of the Basel III regulation on banks introduced after the 2007 financial crisis.  You may even have heard of the so-called Basel III finalisation (called by some Basel IV) package of rules that pitched European versus US banks' interests.  Here is a short note on the subject by Tommy De Temmerman, who [...]

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London Finance Tour for our Financial Markets & Quantitative Finance students

Discover the experience of our Finance students who had the chance to visit ING Investment Bank, S&P Global, Bloomberg, two fintechs and a hedge fund in London. Within the framework of our Advanced Masters, a student trip is organised every year. During this trip, participants have the opportunity to visit different institutions and companies and [...]

AM students take over our new Instagram account from 13/02

From February 13th until this summer, our students take over our new Instagram account! Follow their Advanced Master experience: #SOLVAYADVANCEDMASTERS Every week, one or two students of each Advanced Master will be in charge of the account, sharing their daily class experience, the events they attend at Solvay, their life in Brussels, their social [...]

ONLINE Information Sessions

Not in Belgium? On 21, 22 and 23 March join our special online information sessions and learn more about the programmes, the participant profiles, the faculty and the job openings. Aurélie Messina, Programme Manager will introduce the 5 Advanced Masters and each of them will be presented into details by the Academic Directors. 21/03: Creativity [...]

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Orientation Quiz

Are you wondering which Advanced Master is for you? Take our Advanced Masters' Orientation Quiz and find out which one of them is the most in line with your interets and career objectives! Click here to take the quiz.

Advanced Masters information evening 06/12

On Tuesday December 6th, 2016, grab the opportunity to discover more about Solvay Advanced Masters! Join our special information evening and learn more about the programmes, the participant profiles, the faculty and the job openings, introduced in details by the Academic Directors. 6.30 pm Session for Quantitative Finance Session for Creativity & Marketing 7.30 pm [...]

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Creativity & Marketing students in Milan: living the “The Italian Way”

"Ciao amici! During our Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing, we had the chance to spend two weeks of April in a highly unique, fun and – especially – Italian way. MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business invited us to join their students from the International Master in Multichannel Marketing in their course [...]

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