On January 25, Didier Lannoy gave a private lecture to participants and alumni of our Advanced Masters in Financial Markets and Quantitative Finance on how securitisation works in practice and the prospects for a revival of a sound and safe securitisation activity in Europe.

Didier is Head of Global Trading at BNPP Fortis for Belgium and the Netherlands and has a wealth of experience in structuring securitisation deals across Europe. His presentation to our students and alumni focused on how securitisation is done and for whom, which skills are used in a securitisation team, how to manage the regulatory constraints and what the trends and drivers for a recovery of the securitisation activity in Europe are.
While the securitisation activity has recovered in the US, it is lagging behind in Europe, even though its revival is an important building block of the EU’s Banking Union.  Forthcoming regulatory adjustments and an increase in interest rates may be just what the doctor ordered to make it possible.

Didier’s presentation was a crash course on the basics that you would want a young professional joining a securitisation team to know at the outset!


Events for the participants of the Advanced Masters in Financial Markets and Quantitative Finance are being organized, to which interested alumni are invited to attend as well.

These presentations are delivered by external experts who share their expertise on cutting edge topics in the financial industry. These sessions are complementary to the teaching in the program and allow attendees to broaden their horizons and /or to delve in greater depth on specific topics that may be of interest not only to students, but also to practitioners.

Of course, it is also an excellent opportunity for the current participants of the programs to (re)connect with some alumni and for the alumni to meet with participants.

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