Studying at Solvay is much more than an educational experience. This post will give you an overview of the personal and professional developments that you can benefit from the School.

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Teaching Approach – a hands-on learning experience

Our teaching methods are based on a ‘learning by doing’ approach, offering you the best possible preparation for the realities of professional life. This comprises a blend of in-depth lecture-based teaching, case studies, training and field projects, corporate assignments and mentorship from our practitioner professors. Regular group projects are designed to develop your team spirit and ability to collaborate with others, whilst dealing with different cultures and varied points of view at the same time. These are among the challenges you will face in your future career.

In addition, you receive expert guidance from prestigious faculty throughout the academic year and benefit from the knowledge and best practices shared with you by professors and practitioners.

One of the many strengths of the programme was its highly practical nature and content – this was made possible by an exceptional cast of professors who are also top-leveL practitioners,” Sophie, AM in Financial Markets, 2014

Unlike mots traditional theory-based programmes, the real-world experience the Solvay professors bring to the table offers a very practical, dynamic dimension to the material,” Claire, AM in Innovation & Strategic Management, 2014

Career Support – the first step into professional life

The Solvay Career Service helps students all year long by providing varied kinds of support, from CV writing through to personal coaching and mock interviews, and also by organising recruitment events attended by prestigious companies.

Thanks to its active student association, Solvay students have many opportunities to prepare for the professional world and expand their network. Amongst others, they can participate in a business game, a student consulting club, an innovation competition… New events and clubs are launched every year, so there is a real possibility of applying your organisational and entrepreneurial skills even before you start your career.

A few months after beginning the programme, I received an offer to join an expertise department of financial consulting in a big four company that would only hire experienced people, ” Sophie, AM in Financial Markets, 2014

I got a job ! Beyond the courses, the master also helps you preparing job interviews, build a network…“, Céline, AM in Quantitative Finance, 2014

Alumni Network – a worldwide community

Every student joining Solvay Brussels School joins a community: from the day of the traditional graduation ceremony, each student becomes a Solvay alumni, and therefore a member of a network offering career-long support.

Our alumni represent a network of more than 25,000 and are active in a wide range of professional sectors in more than 65 countries around the world. Thanks to its researchers, the alumni network and numerous connections in the business and economics area, Solvay Brussels School enjoys the contribution of many notable professors. Moreover, many of them have reached top management positions in Belgium and in international bodies. More info on Alumni and professors.

An International Campus – for an international cohort

As a multicultural university with one third of students and researchers being from abroad, the international dimension to campus life is a daily reality for the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), just like the city of Brussels itself, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. With programmes being taught entirely in English, the percentage of international students is even higher in the Advanced Masters.

As one of the biggest universities in Belgium with around 24,000 students every year, the ULB offers a campus with numerous facilities and events accessible to all Advanced Masters students: sports, library, medical services, restaurants, concerts, conferences and many other cultural events all through the year.

The diverse, international and relatively small classes bring together a variety of viewpoints and ways of thinking to discussions that truly challenged me to think differently,” Claire, AM in Innovation & Stratégic Management, 2014
As a foreign student, what I like the mots about Brussels is its diversity of nationalities and things to do. The city allows you to enjoy an enriching atmosphre, enhancing your stay in Belgium, ” Pedro, AM in Innovation & Strategic Management, 2014

Student Life – learning and living

Being an Advanced Master student is not only an academic experience, but also a real-life experience, thanks to the diversity of the students and the limited size of class groups, among other things. From the kick-off day to the New Year’s party, numerous group projects to the graduation ceremony, your classmates represent your n°1 support team for the year, and your Solvay family for life.

In terms of social activities outside of the Advanced Masters, Cercle Solvay is the most important student association on campus. It manages its own bar within the school, and organises the biggest and most prestigious parties and balls, as well as a beach volley competition, and many other ways to make your year at Solvay unforgettable.

A School with History – more than 100 years of excellence

In 1903, Ernest Solvay, the famous Belgian chemical industrial of his times, created a business school within the ULB. Ever since, the school has built up a strong tradition of excellence and innovation in Business and Economics learning, fuelled by deep connections within Brussels’ multinational entrepreneurial network. Today, Solvay Brussels School is indisputably the best known and most trusted business school in Belgium, by both students and employers. Each year the School, which is EQUIS- and AMBA-accredited, welcomes more than 4,000 students, participating in over 30 programmes.