Jean-Pierre Baeyens

Jean-Pierre holds the Chair of Marketing at Solvay Brussels School where he teaches Marketing Theory, Strategic Marketing Management and International Marketing. MSc in Management Solvay Brussels School, MBA Harvard Business School, he is also the Academic Director of this Master in Creativity & Marketing and calls himself a “Chief Inspiration Officer”

Christian Bluemelhuber

Ph. D. from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU Germany), Christian is a world-class specialist on branding. He held positions at LMU, Technical University of Munich and as visiting professor at Virginia Tech University. He is currently holding the AB Inbev Chair of Euromarketing at Solvay Brussels School and definitely is our most provocative professor!

Laurent Bouty

A C-Level international Marketing and Strategy professional, Laurent Bouty brings his 20 years of international experience in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Leadership. He has a broad Marketing experience (from Marketing Strategy to Communication) including latest trends like analytics, social networks and mobile gained in Telecommunication, Advertising and Financial sector. Laurent has a strong marketing execution orientation through team development and best practices implementation. Laurent has been Chief Marketing Officer for Orascom Telecom Algeria (Vimpelcom Group) from September 2009 until June 2013, managing a team of 80 people and a budget of M$ in a operation of 18 millions subscribers with 2 Bn$ revenue. Since 2005 Laurent has been providing specialist advice on strategy, marketing and sales to many corporations in the B2B and B2C, in particular, the telecommunication, advertising, local government and financial industries. Laurent gained his broad marketing experience through various corporate roles with Belgacom Mobile and Vodafone Group (1998-2005). During his stay, Laurent was selected by Vodafone to be part of the Vodafone Global Leadership Program (GLP), the starting point of a fast track career in increasingly senior management roles within the group in Belgium and in Egypt. Laurent obtained an Executive MBA from Henley Management College, UK, in 2004. He has a post-graduate in Telematics and Organisation (1998), and also holds a Master in Civil Engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1994). Laurent is teaching “Strategy and Corporate Governance” (since 2010) in the context of the Master in Business Administration offered by Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management in co-operation with the National Economics University in Hanoi.

Xavier Clabots

First a marketing consultant at The House of Marketing, Xavier joined the marketing department within BPOST and is currently responsible for all philatelic products. He has a strong expertise in product management, pricing and performance measurement. As a marketing teaching assistant at Solvay Brussels School, he has been coaching many students in field work for the last 5 years.

Nicolas Debray

Nicolas is the founder and a partner of SEMETIS, a marketing services agency specialised in on line web campaigns and analytics. Prior to that, he set-up the business intelligence section of Google Belgium was Account Manager at Google Belgium responsible for the Retail, Automotive & Entertainment sectors. Nicolas holds a Master in Science in Management from Solvay Brussels School. He also holds a Master’s Degree from Bocconi University (Milan).

Fabian Delahaut

Fabian is indeed a master when it comes to use persuasion techniques. He will teach you how to structure a speech, understand the audience point of view and answer the inevitable questions. With a bachelor degree in Philosophy and an MBA at Solvay Brussels School, he is working as a professional trainer in sales and as a lecturer at Solvay Entrepreneur, the Solvay Brussels School entrepreneurship center.

Claire Gruslin

Claire has been teaching international marketing, e-business, strategy and CSR at University of Liège, Belgium, for more than 10 years. Prior, she held executive positions in marketing and product development in various companies. Her interests include the use of information technology for marketing purposes. She also manages a vineyard in France and is very active in wine marketing.

Manuela Hollanders

Manuela describes herself as a “business portraitist”. She’s a communication specialist in the field of corporate communication, strategic formulation and identity. She has a long experience in PR (notably in the airlines industry), then in journalism (she was one of the most famous business reporters in Belgium) and finally in corporate communication. She now manages her own agency called TELL.

Babak Hosseiny

Babak is Creative Director and member of the board of Mostra, an agency focusing on the design and creation of institutional communication material, actions and campaigns, within an international context. Before that, he was for several years the Creative Director of OGILVY, one of the most prestigious communication agencies in the world.

Mark Raison

Mark will serve as Scientific Director of this programme. He is “the” European specialist in creativity. He runs his own company (Yellow and he’s been training and councelling dozens of companies such as L’Oréal , LVMH, Groupe Danone, Cartier, L’Occitane, Unilever and more… He also teaches creativity at EDHEC Lille, the Milan Creative Academy and… Solvay Brussels School. He’s inspiring, provocative and so funny that you want more of it each time !

Jean Tondeur

Jean is a Professor in marketing management at HEC-Management School –University of Liège since 1992. He is also a marketing lecturer at the Solvay Brussels School (ULB). He holds a Master Degree of Economic Sciences from Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and an Executive Master Degree in Management from SBS-EM (ULB). Jean’s key qualifications are in the areas of service marketing, sales management and strategy.

Luc Vandeputte

A sport event specialist and expert in project management in worldwide multicultural environments, Luc is MSc in Physical Education, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Executive Master in Management, Solvay Brussels School. He has been tutoring advanced students and teaching networking dynamics in international masters for years. He also specialised in setting up multidisciplinary team for creative sustainable societal projects.”