Programme overview

All recent marketing successes (Apple, Nespresso, eBay,….) come from superior creativity, whether it’s market creation or radically new ways to imagine supply chains.”- Jean-Pierre Baeyens – Academic Director of the AM in Creativity & Marketing

The Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing presents, discusses and teaches new marketing alternatives to the classic demand-based approaches. It is a truly unique approach to marketing that focuses on the marketing of the future rather than taking the historical approach of other programmes.

This truly unique programme will be managed with the help of Mark Raison, a leading European expert in creativity, who will serve as Scientific Director.

“A totally unique master in marketing that will expand the boundaries of your creativity and imagination, that will inspire you to be different and that’s so interesting that you will learn with passion. And in the end, you will become a superior creative marketeer!”- Valentine, Alumni 2014
“This AM is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of marketing and creativity: the environment, the professors, the programme assignments help you to see things from a different perspective.”- José, Alumni 2014


Why business needs creative minds

All recent market successes have come from superior creativity. Customers demand excitement rather than just satisfaction. Any business today should be about generating original ideas that create value. New problems call for new solutions. New opportunities call for new approaches.

Preparing you to redesign the world

This Advanced Master will turn you into a superior creative mastermind. You will learn radically new ways to imagine, promote and sell products, services, ideas and experiences. We will teach you about the marketing of the future, not the past.