Programme framework

This master is a full-time course (60 ECTs) to be completed in one year. It is built on a combination of day classes, field activities and a final project. Students are expected to have a work permanently in English (both oral and written) and candidates must provide evidence of their English proficiency.

The programme will be taught using a totally new method called ‘Where is the ball?’. This method is based on three pillars: get ideas, learn from others and do it yourself. Indeed, markets are new kinds of ballgames; it’s like playing pinball (flipper) blindfolded, you need new benchmarks. The ‘courses’ will be more like a mix of inspiration sessions, conceptual thinking exercises, direct interaction with non-business people (artists, writers, ad conceptors, etc.).

The programme is structured into three modules aimed at generating the creative process: strategic, operational and marketing communication. Each module is itself structured into three subjects.

As a starting point, all students will go through a pre-course in Strategic Marketing Basics aimed at getting or reviewing the main concepts needed to get along with the rest of the programme.

Throughout the course, students take a new kind of mini-internship, the SHADOW EXPLORESHIP. At the end of the programme, students will go through a final CREATIVITY IN ACTION project.