On December 11, EY Partner Angus Champion de Crespigny flew in from New York to address participants and some alumni of the Advanced Masters in Financial Markets and in Quantitative  Finance on the subjects of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.



Angus is the Blockchain Strategy Leader for Financial Services in the Americas for EY.

He and Brussels EY Partners Jean-Nicolas Lambert and Frank De Jonghe debated with the audience strategic and business implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as possible drivers for a reboot of financial markets processing and servicing.


Events for the participants of the Advanced Master in Financial Markets are being organized, to which interested alumni are invited to attend as well.

These presentations are delivered by external experts who share their expertise on cutting edge topics in the financial industry. These sessions are complementary to the teaching in the program and allow attendees to broaden their horizons and /or to delve in greater depth on specific topics that may be of interest not only to students, but also to practitioners.

Of course, it is also an excellent opportunity for the current participants of the programs to (re)connect with some alumni and for the alumni to meet with participants.

☞ More information on the Advanced Maser in Financial Marketsam.solvay.edu/financial-markets
☞ More information on the Advanced Master in Quantitative Financeam.solvay.edu/quantitative-finance