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Practical information

  • Enrolments for September 2018 are now open!

  • Starting date: September 2018

  • Location: Brussels

  • Format: Full-time (60 ECTS)

  • Language: English
  • Tuition: 15,000€
  • Length: 10 months

  • Application deadline:
    > Non-EU students: May 31st 2018 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
    > EU students: July 15th 2018

Upcoming events

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  • 20

    12:00 -17:00
    ULB Solbosch, Avenue Adolphe Buyl, Ixelles, Belgium
    We will be happy to welcome you to our stand during the Solvay Career Days which will take place in our university (ULB) on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 February, 2018!       
    Click here for more infoThe most important event of the Campus Recruitment that might be determinant for a student's future is here : the Solvay Career Days !Are you a BA3 or a MA student looking for new opportunities? Don’t miss this incredible chance to meet representatives from more than 50 companies during 2 days ! They will be there to promote their latest internship and job opportunities.Solvay Advanced Masters will be there too.Please find more information on facebook.We are looking forward to meeting you in person!
  • 20

    14:00 -19:00
    Familie van Rysselberghedreef 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    We will be happy to welcome you to our stand during the VEK Career Day which will take place in Ghent (ICC) on Tuesday February 20, 2018! 
    Click here for more infoThe Career Day is VEK Recruitment’s flagship.Last year they welcomed over 90 participating companies and more than 1200 students at their job fair. This highlights the importance of the Career Day event and it is the recruitment event of the year that students as well as companies should attend!The main target group of the event are all students of the University of Ghent with interests in economics or an economics inspired career.More information on VEK's website: are looking forward to meeting you in person!
  • 28

    09:00 -17:00
    Avenue Jeanne 44, Brussels, Belgium
    We will be happy to welcome you to our stand during the ULB Sciences JobDay which will take place in our university (ULB) on Wednesday February 28, 2018!   
    Click here for more infoThe Jobday-Sciences is an annual one-day meeting for students in Brussels and companies, organized by the Cercle des Sciences and the Faculties of Sciences of ULB and VUB.This event is a unique opportunity to discover each other. In fact, companies will have the opportunity to provide informations about their activities to all students of Master and PhD in Sciences, Pharmacy and Bioengineering Sciences from ULB and VUB.On the other hand, students will have the possibility of gathering informations in different professional sectors, in order to get, we hope, a professional interview.Also as the previous editions, the 3rd and 4th year students will be at the rendezvous, looking for an internship or informations about future prospects.Solvay Advanced Masters will be there too.For more information, please click here: are looking forward to meeting you in person!

“We studied all the sides of marketing: from advertising to branding, going through digital to customer experience. It helped me really define what I like and what I wish to work with. I met truly amazing and interesting people, which is life rewarding”.

Anne Mathieu, e-Business Analyst Semetis, Alumna

We were pushed out of our comfort zones to apply all that we learned in situations that could have been real life situations. We were also in contact with coaches and had the opportunity to attend various workshops on subjects such as networking, work interviews and your CV. That way, I felt more ready than ever before to face recruiters.

Dimitrios Lemonias, Strategic Planner 20Something, Alumnus

I would definitely recommend this Advanced Master. Not only do you get to study at one of Belgium’s best universities, you also get the chance to participate in a unique program that is neither a traditional master or job, but something in between. This program teaches you how to put your marketing knowledge into practice in a creative way, something not many programs offer.

Elise Venbrux, Business Developer Sortlist, Alumna

“The AMCM is a program that relies on group work, in almost every course of the program we had to work in teams which is exactly what happens in the real world, and that helped us play different roles in different teams, from having to lead the group or presenting the findings or writing the last report, each person had to do stuff they weren’t comfortable doing before the master degree.”

Yazan Iwidat, Marketing Consultant Across Health, Alumnus

“A totally unique master in marketing that will expand the boundaries of your creativity and imagination, that will inspire you to be different and that’s so interesting that you will learn with passion. And in the end, you will become a superior creative marketeer!”

Valentine, Alumna

“This AM is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of marketing and creativity: the environment, the professors, the programme assignments help you to see things from a different perspective.”

José, Alumnus

“This AM helps you get the global-mindset: you get to understand perceptions of people from different nationalities.”

Prashant, Alumnus

“In order to help you really solve problems, professors love to share not only their knowledge, but also their own network with you. That is the spirit of a business school.”

Lu, Alumna

“The best part of the programme is that you learn things by doing, by being creative.”

Huong, Alumna

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