The Joint Degree in political Economy (Advanced Master at ULB) requires the successful completion of 60 ECTS courses (US 30 course credits) in the programme. All students in the programme matriculate in a fall semester at Solvay Brussels School and take four required courses (microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and data analysis) in the fall semester. In addition, students are required to take three elective courses in the spring semester and three elective courses in the summer semester, thus completing the program in one calendar year. The programme kicks off with a refresher course (“bootcamp”) in mathematical methods of 3 ECTS, which does not count towards the 60 ECTS requirement for programme completion.
  • Application Form
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • All diplomas and academic transcripts from the institution(s) where previous degree studies have been completed
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from a faculty member of a higher education institution.
  • TOEFL or IELTS score: International applicants must have at least a 100 on the TOEFL or a 7 on the IELTS as required by Georgetown’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Personal statement (maximum length of 500 words) explaining what unique abilities the applicant would bring to the Program and how obtaining the joint degree would contribute to the attainment of the applicant’s personal and professional goals.For more information on application procedures please visit:

An undergraduate degree in economics is not a requirement for admission to the programme.  However, substantial coursework in economics is one factor that tends to strengthen an application for admission to the programme. In addition, economics is a highly quantitative discipline. For that reason, substantial coursework in mathematics, probability and statistics, and other quantitative subjects is another factor that can strengthen an application for admission.

No minimum GRE score is specified for admission to this programme.

Foreign applicants must provide proof of English Language Proficiency to be eligible for admission. This proof may be provided in several ways specified by the Graduate School, including a TOEFL score or an IELTS score. The Department generally requires a TOEFL score of at least 100 or an IELTS score of at least 7.0.

The Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for admission.

Programme students may be able to enroll for a small number of course credits in other departments with the permission of the academic directors of the programme and the permission of the other department. However, such courses do not count toward the credit requirement for the degree. In addition, permission of the Dean of the respective school may be required.

For the intake of August 2019:

  • Non-EU students: 31 May 2019 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
  • EU students: 30 June 2019
Neither partner institution publishes data regarding acceptance rates to this programme.

The Joint Degree in Political Economy does not have an internship programme at the moment, nor is course credit granted for participation in internships.

The policy of the programme is to not permit the transfer of course credits from another academic institution. All credits toward the Joint Degree in Political Economy must be earned through courses offered in the programme.

The programme manager of the programme on behalf of Solvay Brussels School will provide an accepted applicant with an official acceptance letter, as well as additional information and any relevant documents requested by the respective accepted applicant for their visa procedure for Belgium. We cannot undertake the procedure on the students’ behalf.

Students are responsible for contacting the relevant authorities in their country and for following up their visa procedure in a timely fashion. Please contact the nearest Belgian embassy or consulate for any visa-related queries. Additional information on the visa procedure can also be found here. The programme manager is at your disposal for any queries and relevant documents: Sylvana Rodriguez ( ).

No accommodation is offered on campus to graduate students. However, we encourage students who plan to matriculate to start looking for housing as soon as possible. The websites below may be helpful for your housing search in Brussels. Additional useful information can be found in the booklet with practical information sent to successful applicants. The Solvay programme manager is at your disposal for any queries and relevant documents: Sylvana Rodriguez ( ).

Websites in English:–Belgique

Private Residences

Websites in French and Dutch:

Real Estate Agencies

Immo Université
Avenue de l’Université 40, 1050 Bruxelles

Students must successfully complete 60 course credits in the programme in order to graduate. Tuition costs amount to $50,000. Solvay alumni discounts are not applicable in this case.

Merit-Based Mobility Scholarships for EU students:
EU candidates applying before ​April 16th​,​ 2019 can ​apply for ​one of two 2 ​mobility ​scholarships​, worth​ 10.000$ each.
Decision on whether the scholarship is granted to the student or not comes from our Academic Committee after ​being ​admitted into the program.
These scholarships will be ​awarded by a jury who will base their decision on (1) your application essay, (2) your academic record and (3) on the date of your application. Therefore, early applications are encouraged.
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Practical information: Summary

  • Enrolments for August 2019 are open!

  • Starting date: August 2019

  • Location: Brussels & Washington, D.C.
  • Format: Full-time
    60 ECTS (US equivalent: 30 Credits)

  • Language: English
  • Tuition: $50,000
    (for information on financial aid, please check the FAQs on the left)

  • Length: 12 months
  • Application deadline:
    > Non-EU students: 31 May 2019
    > EU students: 30 June 2019

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