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Programme overview

witmeurHigh potential people need to mix state-of-the-art management skills with entrepreneurial mindset. This is one of the core objectives of this program with a unique learning mix of knowing, doing and being capabilities.”- Olivier Witmeur – Academic Director of the AM in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

MilanThe Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a 12 month International Master programme taking place at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and MIP Politecnico di Milano, and is taught entirely in English.

Whether you wish to become an entrepreneur, a project manager in a small or big organisation or a consultant, this Advanced Master will help you acquire the competences to build your success. By joining this truly unique programme, you will develop your ability to spot new market opportunities, to design suitable innovation strategies and to build a new organisation, while constantly experimenting your skills and creativity in very different settings.
A sound set of competences that will give you the right mindset to master a complex environment where increasing speed of change, uncertainty, the emergence of new technologies and the broadening of global markets constantly challenge us.
To operate successfully in such complexity, you will have to think and act as an entrepreneur and an innovative leader. And this is exactly what you will learn, not only in the classroom, but mainly on the field during the multiple project-oriented courses that will shape your experience in Milan and Brussels.

big_MIP-Politecnico-di-Milano-Graduate-School-of-BusinessOur partner: MIP Politecnico di Milano.
MIP is a global business school accredited by EQUIS and AMBA. It is ranked by the Financial Times among the best business schools in Europe and has been recognised as a prestigious business school for over 30 years. The school works with a wide network of public and private companies and is supported by the strong links developed with the Politecnico di Milano’s Departments of Engineering and Design.

Programme Objectives

These are just a few of the skills which the Master programme aims to develop in candidates:MIPclassroom

  • Acquire the capability to foresee and understand technology and market changes from their inception.
  • Learn how to develop a new business idea, from the concept design to execution.
  • Learn to introduce and manage innovations, both cost-effectively and sustainably.
  • Identify new market and social opportunities for new and existing businesses.
  • Acquire advanced knowledge in project finance, project evaluation, product design, business modelling, marketing and organisation.
  • Develop your leadership and decision-making skills and your capability to deliver results.
  • Assess the costs and risks associated to new technologies and new markets.
  • Build your own personal network with managers, investors, designers, entrepreneurs, incubators and consultants from different industries and countries.
  • Build managerial and organisational skills, and your capability TO WORK IN A TEAM.

The MIP-Solvay Experience

MIP and Solvay are two top global business schools accredited by EQUIS and AMBA. They are ranked by the Financial Times among the best business schools in Europe and have been recognised as prestigious business schools for decades. Their master programmes are well-renowned far beyond their borders.MIP
The two schools share the same DNA and values rooted in a long tradition of collaboration between academics and practitioners. But, above all, they share the same core mission: transforming young talents into successful, innovative professionals.
MIP and Solvay operate on full scale university campus where you will enjoy real student life and constant, enriching connections with the business world!

In Milan, students will have access to in-campus facilities of fast-prototyping (e.g. 3-D printing, laser cutting and other digital manufacturing technologies). They can also ask for assistance from Polihub, the Politecnico di Milano’s business incubator and co-working space, which serves as a partner institution to this programme.
In Brussels, they will be coached by the Solvay Entrepreneurs team, (the entrepreneurship centre of Université libre de Bruxelles) and will have full access to its broad network of partners (Angels, VC, experts, entrepreneurs, incubators, public initiatives…).

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Your profile

We target participants who want to:

  • become entrepreneurs or envisage entrepreneurial careers as family business managers;
  • join the founding team of a start-up;
  • work as associates in charge of corporate R&D projects or as consultants to assist companies in implementing innovative and creative projects.


AMIEPaulineOpbedeeck“We are a group of 34 people with 16 nationalities which creates a very interesting learning and challenging working environment. During the lectures active participation is key and through these discussions we gain a lot of different insights. It’s definitely an eye-opener and it makes you think even further.”- Pauline, Alumna 2016

Eligible applicants must hold one of the following:

  • Master or Master of Science Degree, or equivalent (four or five years of study overall)
  • Bachelor Degree with 180 ECTS credits or equivalent, preferably followed by 1-2 years of work experience.

Admissions will be based on the candidates’ proficiency in English, on their background, professional potential and motivation.


Programme content

am_amiecurriculumThe courses of the programme are subject to marginal changes without notification.

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baggio_catherine“The uniqueness of the programme lies in the genuine cross-cultural experience it offers. We learn how to think and act like professionals in an accurate sample of the working world today.” – Catherine, Alumni 2016


Over the course of the programme, participants will take part in three main field projects:

  • The “New Venture Lab” where they will have to act as an entrepreneur to create a startup from scratch.
  • The “Consulting Project” where they will have to run a consulting assignment in an established small or medium enterprise.
  • The “Final project” (1 to 2 months) where they can choose to act as a team member in a large firm (internship), analyse the strategy of one large firm (case study) or continue to work on their own project (startup development).

During these projects, participants will be individually coached by the Faculty and professional consultants to maximise their on-the-job learning.

Programme framework

applyAMIEThe programme consists in a fall term in Milan, a spring term in Brussels, and a summer term in one of the two campuses, according to your preference. By being mobile across different European locations, the participants will be stimulated to adopt a broader market perspective and to leverage their capability to network and interact with diverse business environments.
The programme stimulates the students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, to experiment with new ideas and technologies, to identify real opportunities, assess the associated costs and risks and ultimately design viable business initiatives for corporate or new businesses development.


Faculty information

At MIP and Solvay we have a long-standing tradition of research, teaching and practice in technology strategy, entrepreneurship, design, creativity and innovation.
Our Faculty members, made up of seasoned Solvay and MIP professors, hold solid competences in management, finance, accounting and economics and the true passion for experimentation and execution of a traditional engineering and design school. Our teaching method blends in-depth lecture-based teaching, case-studies, design and experimentation labs, on-the-field training and exposure to mentorship and corporate projects.

Both Schools bring the best professors and practitioners to this Advanced Master in order to have a unique mix of academics combining professional and theoretical expertise.

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More about the Academic Directors

Olivier Witmeur
Academic co-Director of the Advanced Master (Solvay)

Olivier Witmeur is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB). He mainly teaches Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Planning to graduate and post-graduate students, entrepreneurs, investors and consultants. He is also Deputy Dean for the Executive Education activities of the School. Beside his activities for the school, Olivier is an active Board member and strategic advisor in multiple growth-oriented entrepreneurial ventures. Over the last 15 years, Olivier has coached over 100 new and growing firms, published a book on business planning and written multiple papers on growth management in entrepreneurial ventures. Before joining the U.L.B., Olivier has been part of the entrepreneurial team of OpenHR (2000-2006), a successful Belgian IT venture company specialized in HR management software, where he was mainly responsible for financial affairs. The company was created in 1997 and quickly became international with operations in France, Spain, U.K. and U.S. By 2005, OpenHR had 6M€ in revenues and a 70 people staff. It was sold to Arinso International in 2006. Olivier has also been the Managing Director of EEBIC, a Business & Innovation Center / Incubator in Brussels (1995-1999) and Adviser to the Minister of Economy of the Brussels Region (1991-1994). Olivier holds a Master’s degree in Business Engineering (1991) and a PhD in Entrepreneurship (2008).

Chiara Franzoni
Academic co-Director of the Advanced Master (MIP Politecnico di Milano)

Chiara Franzoni (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor in the School of Management of the MIP Graduate School of Business- Politecnico di Milano. Prior to joining Politecnico di Milano in 2010, she has worked at the Intellectual Property Finance institute (Turin, Italy), and conducted research at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (Atlanta, USA) and at the National Research Council of Italy. She also serves in the advisory board and executive committee of several companies in the energy and textile industry, as a family-business member.  She is an expert of Economics of Science and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Rights. Her research has been published, among others, by the Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Research Policy, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, PNAS and Science. She participates to panels of experts to inform policy action at the national and European level and works as a consultant for the European Commission in matters of innovation, crowdfunding, and Intellectual Property.

Job opportunities

12195764_10207558921236636_6915198227526430366_nAfter graduation, an unlimited range of job opportunities will become accessible. Here are some of the careers that participants could follow:

  • entrepreneur,
  • leader of the founding team of a startup,
  • member of a young entrepreneurial venture,
  • associate in charge of corporate R&D projects,
  • product and business developer or as a chief designer officer,
  • consultant to assist companies in implementating innovative and creative projects,
  • associate in venture capital or business angels funds or in the entrepreneurial finance division of banks,
  • project manager in incubators, technology transfer offices or entrepreneurship centres.


Practical information

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Since the number of seats in class is limited, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

If you wish to join the Advanced Master course in September 2018, please follow the four main steps of our admission procedure:

  1. Complete and submit the online pre-enrolment form together with the required documents.
  2. Receive feedback on your eligibility from the Academic Director.
  3. Have a personal interview with the Academic Director.
  4. Receive feedback on your admission. If positive, please note that you will have two weeks to finalise your registration by:
    – Completing, signing and sending back the admission documents
    – Paying a deposit of €2000

Application Deadline:
Non-EU students: May 31st 2018 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
EU students: July 15th 2018.

24709Important: Non-EU students are encouraged to apply at least three months before the start of the programme in order to allow enough time for the Declaration of Value (DOV) procedure for Italy and establishment of the student visa.

Additionally, non-EU applicants must take into consideration that getting a student visa for Belgium implies the obligation to prove their sufficient and regular means of subsistence (631 EUR net/month in 2016-2017) or their sponsor’s. If they can’t, Solvay can support them if the applicant transfers the requested amount covering 12 months on a school deposit account (which will be redistributed on a monthly basis to the student as soon as a Belgian bank account has been created). For more information visit this link or contact the nearest Belgian embassy.

Early-Bird discounts, amounting to €1.000, will be recognized to candidates who will send their applications by January 31st, 2018 (valid only for registrations confirmed within 2 weeks from receipt of the admission documents).

Merit-Based Scholarships: Candidates applying before May 31st 2018 can run for the following merit-based tuition fee waivers:

1st place: EUR 3000
2nd Place: EUR 2000
3rd Place: EUR 1000

Applicants who wish to apply must write an essay of 2000 words max in one of the following topics:

  • If you were a non-profit organization that funds social innovations, how would you assess social ventures proposals?
  • Describe how Artificial Intelligence would change the working environment in 10 years from now.

The reductions will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, early applications are encouraged.

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Practical information

  • Starting date: September 2018

  • Location: Milan (1st semester) & Brussels (2nd semester)

  • Format: Full time
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: 15,000€
  • Length: 12 months
  • Application deadline:
    > Non-EU students: May 31st 2018 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
    > EU students:  July 15th 2018

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“The uniqueness of the programme lies in the genuine cross-cultural experience it offers. We learn how to think and act like professionals in an accurate sample of the working world today.”
Catherine, Alumni 2016
“We are a group of 34 people with 16 nationalities which creates a very interesting learning and challenging working environment. During the lectures active participation is key. It’s definitely an eye-opener and it makes you think even further.”
Pauline, Alumni 2016

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