During this course, students will Learn the rules like pro, so they can break then like an artist (Pablo Picasso). Based on interactive analysis and resolution of actual business cases, students will learn how to make sound strategic marketing decisions based on different tools like integrated approach of strategic marketing analysis and decision making, Attractiveness and competitiveness analysis and Strategic decisions making process.

You don’t need multivitamin fruit juice, cookies with magical fibres or a yoga mat. Five minutes, a sheet of paper (even better: your ideas note book) and a pen is all you need! You will plunge into the ocean of creativity with this first workshop. Understanding the creative process, practicing idea generation sessions and discovering your strengths and creative resources, will help you transform problems into creative challenges and activate your creativity “on demand”.
In order to see if creative strategies are winning strategies, students need to understand what strategy really means.  The first part of the course will focus on that: understanding how you can design a business model integrating new ways to generate revenues, new ways to manage supply chains and new ways to satisfy new customers. Then, using cases and reference readings, students will be confronted with some radical ways to think strategy (blue oceans, greening, wiki…).  Finally, students will need to understand that organizational cultures matter as much as techniques when working on strategic architecture!
Welcome to the “liquid” times: to an age that is defined by speed, dramatic, continuous change, and high levels of ongoing turbulence. In such a context, one of the greatest challenges any organization faces is dealing with the future – with the unexpected. This is a manager’s “everyday business”, as companies routinely expect people to make decisions that require long-term predictions. The motivation of that course lies in the tragedy that on the one hand side managing always has a future component. But on the other hand side, we all know and experience, that managers – but also consumers – normally avoid changes, dislike surprises, and feel insecure because of unexpected outcomes. Understanding the future, developing adaptive systems, preparing minds and – last not least – manage luck is (or: should be) of highest priority for everyone. I will try to increase your “fitness” and openness and will prepare you to welcome a future we can (not) predict. But above all: I will suggest you a method that does not ask for a prediction or adaptation: We will PLAY the future. At the end of our class you will have developed and designd a game  – and you will be prepared for a future, no matter how it looks like.

We will have intensive days that require  hard (creative) work: be prepared!

Once upon a time, advertising agencies created advertising campaigns for their clients. Today, the “mad men” do much more: they challenge, they inspire, they work together with clients to create and maintain strong brands. For this purpose, brand strategy and creativity go hand in hand.

This course looks beyond advertising campaigns and inside agencies: the higher purpose of brands, changing the game of advertising, the pitfalls and best practices regarding the client-agency relationship, … It provides Brand Strategy ingredients and solutions from an agency insider perspective.

Students will have a critical look at brand methodologies and learn to apply them in building brands and advertising campaigns. They will analyze brands to their core, evaluate and (re)define a brand’s (higher) purpose in order to connect with consumers.
We will have a look at key success factors for building strong brands and how to measure brand and campaign success.
The course will strive for a game changer mindset and provide tools for students in order to become game changers, or build pioneer brands in a rapidly evolving world.

All subjects will be introduced with an agency perspective, but also take into account the client feedback and evaluation (cf. Proximus case)

Support to students in defining who they are, what they want for their careers and how to get it.


One way Marketing is not delivering anymore. Most successful brands and strategies have understood that being consumer centric is the key to success.

Still having a Marketing based on the consumer behavior needs a full understanding of the parameters that influence that behavior within the funnel from awareness to repurchase and loyalty. This understanding requires the use of both the left and right brains to move from analytical skills to psychological skills and empathy.

This course is about making the link between the consumer and the brands, making the link between your emotions and your analytical skills. Using the right tools, knowing how to interpret them and how to use them.

The course is an introduction to a human-centric approach to branding. Brands are like people, are made by people and are for people. All great brands have a strong ‘emotional value’. How did they build that? How do they evolve? Our approach therefore puts the creative and collaborative process in the center: How to work together? How to generate and exchange ideas? How to present them? How to co-create, with colleagues and/or clients? All this has no meaning if essential principles such as sincerity (voice) and autonomy (attitude) of people active in branding do not exist. All these competences will be developed in the course through lectures (how to organize my time, how to talk in front of an audience, how to allow myself to fail, Do I allow myself to express my opinion, how to work with others, etc …). The course will show the impact of the learned processes and of great design in concrete examples, both in commercial assignments as in cultural assignments where the students will discover tips and tricks in behind-the-scenes unseen presentations. The students will also have to apply immediately what they’ve learned in a concrete team exercise (workshop) that will finalize in a presentation to a group of branding professionals in my branding agency Base Design. We will end up with a preview and a discussion of what could be the future of branding. Because successful brands of the future care about people, not branding.
Intended for future marketers, Marketing Data Science course will examine how data analysis technologies can be used to improve marketing decision-making. The course will study the fundamental principles and techniques of data science, and will examine real-world examples and cases to place data science techniques in marketing context and to develop data-analytic thinking.
The class meetings will be a combination of lectures on the fundamental material, discussions of marketing applications of the ideas and techniques, guest lectures from practitioners, case discussions, and student exercises.

At the end of that course, the students will be able to:
• Discuss marketing data science intelligently with data scientists and with other stakeholders,
• Better understand proposals for marketing data science projects and investments,
• Participate integrally in marketing data science projects.

Performance: “the fulfilment of a claim, promise, or request”, Merriam-Webster dictionary states. Marketing is like show business! You need to be perfect every day, look at every detail, and… create excitement all along the audience experience. During this course, you will learn how to create a performance with your brand through different tools like Customer Journey Mapping, Engagement measurement, Experience scenarios and Service Design. You will also discover that most of the great strategies are failing during their execution phase and what you can do for delivering a great show!
During this course, Students will learn the 3 main secrets shared by the greatest speakers and will know EXACTLY how to use them in their professional and (extra)ordinary life. You’ll know 2 ultimate ingredients you need to become nothing less than charismatic. You’ll receive 15 tips and tricks to package offers to which your clients and customers will not be able to even resist! You will master 7 fantastic technics to rock the room! You will understand how to be self-confident in just 2 minutes. You will finally find out that technic is vital at first, then becomes only necessary, before getting harmful. You’ll become a Better You, a YOU who knows that his Attitude and his Aptitude determine his Altitude.
The idea is to meet creative people, artists, designers, architects, singers… in their environment : their own studio or at home. Why ? To explore and to understand the process of their creativity. The goal is to force the students to get out of their “comfort zone” and to force them to look at creative process in another way. In fact, the idea of these creative encounters is to help the students to find and/or to boost THEIR creativity with specific assignments.


Under the guidance of a famous advertising Creative Director, you will learn how to run full communication campaigns: distinctive, memorable and ….performing! From strategic planning to implementation issues, you’ll be initiated to what makes a “great campaign”, understanding key success drivers and relating the creative process to market performance.
In this course we will develop outperforming campaigns based on real-life campaigns where digital is at the center of the strategy. You will understand:
– how you make a creative concept work in all digital channels,
– how to make sure you reach your target market using digital channels,
– how you define your digital media mix,
– how to make sure all digital channels re-enforce each other,
– how to develop a communication strategy or touchpoint plan based on the strategy and chosen creative concept
– how to define KPI’s and demonstrate success
We crave experiences more than we crave things. The same applies in marketing. So it’s no surprise that 95% of consumers will buy a product after having a positive experience with it. Experiential marketing is therefore an integral part of any marketing mix and includes disciplines like shopper marketing, PR, event and sampling, stunts, digital and even TV commercials. If you want to know what the future of marketing looks like, you have to start with the experience first.
This course will introduce you to one of the most advanced advertising platform in the world, Google AdWords, and one of the most used Web Analytics tools worldwide, Google Analytics. In the last 10 years, Google has become an advertising juggernaut. In 2014, most of the Google $66B revenue still came from advertising. Today, advertising on the web is key to any company’s marketing effort and Google plays often a central role in it. You will learn how both platforms work. From AdWords auction system to its performance measurement with Google Analytics.

Content is a key element in today’s digital culture. In an age of information overload, marketing push is filtered out by people and thus becoming increasingly inefficient with the digital natives. The key to reach people’s attention, is now to engage them and to align your business goals with their “personal perspectice”, how to make it personal, to find a way through them. In this class, students will learn:

  • to define a content strategy aligned with their business goals. And then
  • to brief, co create or produce content,
  • to analyse results & performance,
  • to generate insights and create iterative results

They will learn the context change of the digital era and how content is one of the main pillars to build a user experience.

More than becoming content producers, they will develop their ability to define, brief, lead content to success.

Students meet creative professionals from different industries and participate in Communication Agency visits.


Scoping and managing a consulting project in a Creative and Marketing environment, Developing actionable recommendations, Presentation skills. At the end of the programme, students undertake a CREATIVITY IN ACTION field project of 6 weeks in a company where they will be confronted to real life marketing issues.
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Practical information: Summary

  • Starting date: September 11th 2017
  • Location: Brussels
  • Format: Full-time
  • Language: English
  • Tuition: 15,000€
  • Lenght: 10 months
  • Application deadline: July 31st 2017

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